Do you want to tone up by using weight, and lean out? Then this is the class for you! Boot training lessons are one hour long and their motive is to make you sweat! In this class get prepared for a powerful full-body workout that includes plyometrics, weights, and drills as well as a lot of body-weight exercises. This complete functional training program is intended to be both enjoyable and challenging for people of all fitness levels. Please bring your running shoes to every class because we may go outside if the weather permits.


This program will provide you with the tools you need to develop your strength as well as muscular definition. This session will concentrate on the main muscular groups. Expect a variety of resistance workouts for the core, lower and upper body. To keep your muscles challenged, we will use a range of activities and equipment. Proper technique and form will be taught to ensure that you get the best possible outcomes.


Prepare yourself for a 45-minute core exercise. Using a range of training techniques, you will learn how to activate and build your core muscles to their greatest potential. You will be constantly challenged, reducing the possibility of plateauing and maximizing your outcomes! Join our Abs Assaults class to get the gorgeous abs you’ve always dreamt of.


Prepare for a one-hour lower-body workout that focuses on the muscles around your BOOTY. In this session, you can expect to work all of your gluteus muscles, which make up your buttocks. We will also concentrate on those difficult to sculpt lower-body muscular areas so you can have legs and the butt you’ve always wanted!


Are you ready to train like an athlete? Put your athletic conditioning skills to the test in this class. We use the best training strategies to improve overall strength, response speed, balance, agility, and explosiveness. This is training at its best. This class is for you if you are ready to train at your greatest level and give it your all!

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